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Jen Smith

1. Blaine County Sustainability Manager, Andrew Mentzer, is working with stakeholders to create a climate action plan for the valley. How would you recommend the use of city resources to support the implementation of the plan?


I fully support the city of Ketchum's financial contribution to Mr. Mentzer's compensation package. I participate on the Land & Water Conservation Task Force as well as the Community Forestry/Canopy Coverage efforts and, as an elected official, would recomend the use of city resources toward a climate action plan that would benefit the community as a whole and serve as a standard to which other community's look to achieve.

2. Given that decisions you make today have climate ramifications for decades to come, what process does the city have, or what process should be put in place, to properly evaluate and prioritize decisions to mitigate climate impact?


Councilor Hamilton has been working on climate action since she took office. The city also financially supports the County's Sustainability Manager position. If elected, I will familiarize myself with these current plans and continue to work with community stakeholders to prioritize and execute projects. As a 17-year city employee, I worked with stakeholders to create Ketchum's "pesticide-free parks" policy, urban forestry program, noxious weed mitigation, irrigation water savings plans, materials recycling, riparian setback standards, and buildings' and facilities' energy efficiency programs. I will use this past experience and relationships formed to inform the community's current work regarding climate change impact. 


3. Is there anything else you want to tell your voters about how you would work to address climate change if elected?


Local efforts to reduce the effects of human-caused climate change must be authentic and effective. I will look to our own community's efforts and other communities for success stories and implement efforts and projects based on stakeholder engagement. I will seek to engage state and regional nonprofits like Idaho Conservation League and Idaho Rivers United. 

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