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100% Clean Energy Focus Group

Climate Action Coalition of the Wood River Valley (CAC) collaborating with Conservation Voters of Idaho and the Boise Chapter of the Sierra Club.


Collaborations taken to date:

February, 2020:

  • Heard  Eric Willadsen present the Sierra Club’s "Ready for 100" campaign at the YMCA 


April, 2020: 

  • CAC decided to take this on as a project and partnered with Sierra Club and Conservation Voters of Idaho (CVI)


May, 2020: 

  • Gained support of County Commissioners for the resolution process


Summer 2020:

  • Drafted  Resolution

  • Sent out a petition to gather support within the valley. Collected over 200 signatures and emails

  • Met with Idaho Power representative

  • Wrote letters to the editor to gain public support and raise awareness

  • Created yard signs to promote the resolution

  • Put together a presentation to give to city councils explaining the resolution

  • Reached out to Sun Valley Company, council members/mayors of all cities, valley businesses, and non-profits. 


Fall 2020:

  •  Presented to County, Hailey, and Ketchum city councils. All ultimately passed it.



  • Presented to Bellevue and Carey Councils. Bellevue passed resolution

  • Created a Stakeholder Process Recommendation document to facilitate the creation of a climate action plan that is equitable, inclusive, and achieves the clean energy goals.


Current Collaborations:

  • Met with newly hired Regional Sustainability Manager to learn how she will move forward with stakeholder process and the creation of a plan to reach clean electricity and energy goals

  • Continue to engage city leaders to stay invested in the resolution timeframe

  • Put pressure on Idaho Power to support clean electricity.  

  • Developing a weatherization program that focuses on the intersection of climate and equity 

Volunteer opportunities:

Want to get involved? Send an email to:
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