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Hailey Climate Action Coalition (HCAC) is a “non-profit” group of concerned citizens working to develop community awareness and action to focus on the imminent threat of climate change. Through sponsoring events and personal actions HCAC has provided a voice and the opportunity to combat the fear, frustration, and feelings of helplessness many citizens are experiencing due to accelerating climate change. 

Park & Ride cleam-up 4-20-2019.jpeg
Rob Lonning, Elizabeth Jeffrey, Jeff Anderton providing recycling education at Hailey Park & Ride-April 20, 2019
Parade July 4, 2019.jpg
July 4, 2019, Parade - Hailey
July 4, 2019-Scott's Truck.jpg
Strike Rally.jpg
Strike Rally-Sept. 20, 2019 - Hailey
Bins for recycling 9-21-2019.jpg
Candidate Meet & Greet 10-7-2019 _edited
Recycling, Hispanic Heritage Celebration - Hailey, Sept. 21, 2019
Candidate "Meet & Greet," Oct. 7, 2019, Jhony's - Hailey
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