Irrigation and Landscaping Focus Group


The Wood River Valley receives 8-15 inches of precipitation each year – mostly in snow.   At the same time, Valley residents use nearly 70% of their total annual water budget on their outdoor landscape during just 6 months of the year.  We have the engineering to do better and this group is focusing on increasing education/outreach and the incentives/enforcements to increase our community’s efficiencies and conservation practices in our outdoor water use.


Collaborations taken to date:

Worked with The Wood River Land Trust to reprint and deliver one page flyers to points of contact with irrigation companies regarding best practices for irrigation system set ups and soil preparation.

Working with City of Hailey on creating a one page information flyer for homeowners and HOAs on soil care, plant choices and irrigation practices to lower watering needs and survive droughts.


Current Collaborations:

Finalizing and getting approval for homeowner brochure with Hailey and other jurisdictions.  Get flyer printed and delivered to chosen sources.

Starting work on landscape and irrigation codes for County and Cities


Volunteer opportunities:

  • Join us for a monthly meeting and see what’s interesting.  We meet on the 2nd Weds. 4-5pm

  •  Help or co-lead developing informational workshops 2-3 times a year.

  • ·Help or co-lead a yard renovation ‘club’ to share yard and irrigation ideas with other CAC members.

  • Find what local jurisdictions and/or HOAs regulate/request/suggest for their irrigation and landscaping decisions.

  • Help write code changes to create better irrigation efficiencies and conservation in valley.

  • Help connect us with professional or non-profit partners in our efforts. Write letters to the editor, to our elected officials, or informational blogs for our webpage and/or our Idaho Earth Guide.

  •  Have any computer, video or artistic talents?  We need help in creating Instagram and poster messaging as well as social media and tictok "calls to action" videos.

  • No time to offer?  Feel free to donate to our efforts.  We always need money for printing brochures, signs, events and our online presence.

Want to get involved? Send an email to: