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Chris Johnson

1.   Blaine County Sustainability Manager, Andrew Mentzer, is working with stakeholders to create a climate action plan for the valley. How would you recommend the use of city resources to support the implementation of the plan?


I have been working as part of the development team. Until the plan is completed and I can assess it fully it makes it difficult to discuss implementation. The City currently has a source water protection plan and has been working on implementation strategies since it was adopted in 2020. We currently have water conservation measures in regards to lawns and sprinklers in our city code and we try to educate and enforce it. We worked with Idaho power to make some energy conservation improvements at our wastewater treatment plant and we currently have a reuse and land application permit in which we monitor our ammonia and nitrate levels and apply or effluent to infiltration basins or ag fields instead of discharging into the river.


2.   Given that decisions you make today have climate ramifications for decades to come, what process does the city have, or what process should be put in place, to properly evaluate and prioritize decisions to mitigate climate impact?


The City is committed to being environmentally and fiscally responsible. Through education and workshops we will continue to balance both to ensure future residents and generations have economic opportunities and environmental sustainability.


3.   Is there anything else you want to tell your voters about how you would work to address climate change if elected?


I will continue to work with our private and public partners to identify projects and potential opportunities that support our needs and address the environmental and climate concerns in our community.

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