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Local Earth Guide

The intent of this link is to provide recommendations for local goods and services that are environmentally friendly.  By “environmentally friendly” we expect to include services and products that do not increase the emissions/release of potentially damaging materials into our environment.  We would additionally expect that these goods and services (as much as possible) would not require the extraction of resources/materials from the earth but would (where possible) make use of existing materials through reuse, renewing, or recycling. These potential “goods and services” might range from restaurants to heating and air conditioning companies to lawns and gardens, or anything else that area residents might require.


It is hoped that visitors to this website will make recommendations (via email: and describe the goods or services they have personal experience with (please include names, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.) and how these “goods and/or services” meet the criteria above.  We will attempt to place these recommendations into (hopefully) useful categories that will facilitate other visitors finding and making use of these recommendations. 

(Any thoughts or ideas about how to make the "Local Earth Guide" more useful should be submitted via the email address listed above.)
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