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At CACWRV monthly meetings we will continue to work on electrification. Canopy can help every homeowner or renter create an individualized plan to make the change toward electrification, however, to maximize its impact, there is work we need to do. The following areas of importance were identified by participants:

  • Outreach: getting the word out to our community that there is an opportunity to improve indoor air quality, save money, and reduce carbon emissions. Even great ideas don’t work if people don’t take advantage of them.

  •  Contractors: We need to find local professionals who can do the work. This group will find contractors and share with Canopy so they can be added to the platform.

  • Case Studies: There are early adopters in our valley who can provide us with insights into both the process of installation and performance reviews to help us all feel more comfortable with the transition.

  • Tax credits, rebates, utility incentives: In addition to what Canopy can provide, we hope to develop expertise/understanding about how to apply for tax credits and rebates and hope to connect with Idaho Power to see how their incentives will help encourage electrification. 



What can you do to help:

  1. Sign up for Canopy Climate. (

  2. Send CACWRV an email ( if you want to be part of an electrification subgroup or with any questions.

  3. Email CACWRV with contact information on your tax preparer so we can see what they can tell us about Federal Income Tax Credits or Idaho specific rebates.

  4. Email CACWRV if you are an early adopter and would be willing to share your story about it. (Electric vehicles, solar panels, induction cooktops, weatherization - insulation, windows, energy audits, electric heat pump hot water heaters or HVAC systems). Or, know about someone who might qualify.

  5. Check out Sue Petersen’s excellent 9/6/2023 “Letter to the Editor” at the Mountain Express. ( link )

  6. Come to our next meeting (TBA). 

Andrew Mentzer addressing group on August 2.
Aug. 2
Citizens attending Conversations on Climate on Aug. 2.
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