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Climate Solutions Summer Series


Please join us for this summer’s series focusing on Climate Solutions.  All events are free and will be followed by an opportunity to join a short CAC discussion to debrief and share thoughts on what was learned and how we might use that knowledge to live more sustainably.



July 27 12:00 - 1:30 – The Hunger Coalition – 110 Honeysuckle Street, Bellevue. THC will provide us with a tour of their composting bio-digester and greenhouse/gardens along with a free community lunch in their new café!  


August 1012:00 -1:00 – Mountain Valley Compost at 4302 Glenbrook Drive, Hailey.  Their large vermiculture process will be the focus of this field trip.  Come see how they make their 100% organic fertilizer with the help of local organic ‘waste’ and their thousands of red worms.  


August 24 1:00 - 2:00 – Winn’s Compost (on the right just before Ohio Gulch landfill). Winn will give us a tour of his varied composting mixes, how he takes local organic waste to create his blends and how you can use his facility as a drop off for your organic waste and purchase of his blends.



WAIT!  One More Exciting CAC opportunity!!

Join our CAC book club.


Our new book club will be starting with Susan Bauer Woo’s new book, A Future We Can Love. The book offers an exploration of the climate feedback loops and the human feedback loops needed to turn our climate crisis around.

Email for more information on dates and times.

Entire Group _ Chompie.jpeg
Our Group
learning about
1. Coleby and Wormbed.jpeg
3. Abby over Wormbead.jpeg
Colby Whitehead with
recently fed worms
Abby explaining the composting process
Colby & Abby running the "worm tea" machine
Winn's Compost Sign.jpeg
Winn with big machine.jpeg
Screening Machine.jpeg
Winn's Compost Sign
Winn with one of his big machines
Screening machine at Winn's Compost
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