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Educate yourself on the science of climate change and the known solutions.  

Read credible books, magazines, blogs and posts that round out your knowledge.  Always consider how that new knowledge might inspire your next decisions.,TV%20whenever%20they%27re%20aired.

Change your ways and walk the talk.  

There’s a lot in our daily lifestyles that needs to be changed to reduce our carbon footprints.   That much change is easier if you make small shifts each day and not think about the many changes yet to come.  Eventually, each of us will make every change but look through these lists to find your next step.

Talk climate change and solutions with friends and family.

Now that you’re more informed, talk with your friends, family and co-workers about your concerns and solutions. Be respectful of their positions and first find out what their concerns are and grow the conversation from there.  We are all most influenced by those we know and like.  See what you learn too. and

Speak up and Join Up.

Writing or speaking to local and national businesses does impact their decisions and product choices.  Talking to them with your $$ and cents for each purchase may resonate even more.  Writing or calling elected decision makers directly or through letters to the editor can also sway an important decision.  Joining local and national organizations also offers your voice a little more weight to enlarge your convictions.

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