Learn what you can do:
This page is reserved for listing time sensitive actions that affect all citizens.  If you know of issues or events that are climate related and require rapid citizen action, please contact CACWRV@gmail.com. 

 The following group is working to take funds out of the four top US banks which are most heavily funding fossil fuel extraction, pipelines, fracking, exploration, and burning.  

If you’d like to join them and/or grow a CAC group working on this effort, take a look at what they’re planning for actions.

Screen Shot 2022-11-20 at 12.53.44 PM.jpeg

To learn more, follow the link below to sign up.  If you’d like to start a CAC focus group on the issue, contact CACWRV (CACWRV@gmail.com).

Or go to Thirdact.org to find out about the group.