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Before you do anything else, sign up for Idaho Power’s Green Power Program (Now called “Clean Energy Your Way”).

•    It’s clean energy. It’s voluntary. It’s an easy way to make the world a little greener.

•    One dollar buys 100 kilowatt hours (k Wh) of certified green power, delivered to the region's power grid.

•    It’s an addition to your monthly bill and you can cancel at any time.


Here are some Federal Clean Energy Tax Credits

•    New Electric Vehicle    $7,500

•    Used Electric Vehicle    $4,000

•    Electric Vehicle Charger    30% up to $1,000

•    Heat Pump    30% up to $2,000

•    Heat Pump Water Heater    30% up to $2,000

•    Geothermal Heating    30% of Cost

•    Electric Panel    $800

•    Solar Installation.    30% of Cost

•    Battery Storage Installation.    30% of Cost

•    Efficient Heating Equipment.    30% up to $600

•    Efficient Water Heating Equipment.    30% up to $600

•    Weatherization Costs - Windows, Doors, & Insulation.    10% with caps

The tax credits are administered by the IRS. You can claim the credit using: Form 5695 


Local Energy Saving Opportunities with Idaho Power

Idaho Power offers a home energy audit for $99 for all electric homes and $149 for gas. These audits find areas of concern and will suggest ways to improve the efficiency, comfort, and health of a home. You might choose to install the following, at no extra cost.

•    Up to 20 LED lights

•    One high efficiency shower head

•    Pipe wrap from water heater to house wall


Idaho Power also offers cash incentives for new energy saving equipment and services for qualifying homes.

•    Central Air Conditioner.  $50-$150

•    Ducted Air and Water-Source Heat Pumps.  $250-$,1000

•    Ductless Heat Pumps.   $750

•    Ground Source Heat Pump.   $1,000-$3,000

•    Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater.   $300

•    Evaporative Cooler.   $150

•    Whole House Fans.   $200

•    Smart Thermostat.    $75

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