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Weatherization Focus Group


As we switch to clean and renewable energy in our valley and across the globe, we will also need to focus on increasing efficiencies of our energy consuming sectors.  Buildings are a major consumer of energy for lighting, heating, cooling, fans and electronic tools and toys.  Increasing the efficiencies in our homes will make them greener, more comfortable and cost less every month.


Current Collaborations:

  • Collaborating with the Crisis Hotline, Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Bluebird Solar, and local high school students to provide 4 weatherization assistance pilot projects in Blaine County mobile homes and one stand alone home.

  • December – reaching out to high school students in the Construction Academy and some interested local construction workers to develop a weatherization team and identifying the homes to weatherize.

  • January – Meeting with John Reuter of Bluebird Solar to do basic energy audits on home and develop training for volunteers

  • February – Perform basic weatherization work for homes, explain and demonstrate DIY aspects and leave materials for homeowners to complete.  Two weeks later, return to homes to assist with any difficulties in completing the work.

  • March – Return to homes to survey for success and collect energy data from before and after renovations.


Volunteer Opportunities

  • Join our monthly meetings – times and dates on Calendar

  • Volunteer as a Spanish speaking energy auditor for training

  • Volunteer home (and family) as a pilot weatherization model

  • Outreach to potential partners and / or funders

  • Help coordinate weatherization projects

  • Help keep data throughout the pilot

  • Help write up the project for grants, news stories and future growth

  • Want to get involved? Sign up below:

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