Weatherization Focus Group


As we switch to clean and renewable energy in our valley and across the globe, we will also need to focus on increasing efficiencies of our energy consuming sectors.  Buildings are a major consumer of energy for lighting, heating, cooling, fans and electronic tools and toys.  Increasing the efficiencies in our homes will make them greener, more comfortable and cost less every month.


Collaborations Taken To Date:

  • Worked with Idaho Sierra Club to submit a grant to fund a pilot weatherization program designed to benefit our most vulnerable neighbors.

  • Met with John Reuter of Greenworks to determine best way to create local green jobs within this project.

  • Joined a regional group concerned with clean energy to provide greater understanding of Idaho programs and progress.


Current Collaborations:

  • Planning to meet with representatives from Idaho Power to develop a shared plan to support our efforts moving forward.

  • Developing elements of a pilot project for training of basic energy auditors and piloting the process from training to weatherization success.


Volunteer Opportunities

  • Join Weatherization group as we move forward

  • Volunteer as a Spanish speaking energy auditor for training

  • Volunteer home (and family) as a pilot weatherization model

  • Outreach to potential partners and / or funders

  • Help coordinate weatherization projects

  • Help keep data throughout the pilot

  • Help write up the project for grants and future growth