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Martha Burke

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you my continued commitment to sustainability and goals to reduce our carbon footprint. When  I was on City Council and Brad Seimer was the mayor, I pushed for the initiation of curbside recycling. We were the first city in the valley to begin the program. We have continued to lead the way ever since.


The City of Hailey stepped up its partnership level with Blaine county when Lynn Barker was hired. We devoted two of our staff members to assist Lynn, and had several representatives on her various committees. Community collaboration, grant writing, public transportation are all part of the solution. As we move forward, it is clear that not every community has the same challenges and not a single solution will fit everyone. We will continue to devote staff resources and legislative decisions (zoning ordinances and building regulations) that support our sustainability goals and to mitigate climate impacts. Everyone in the City’s Administration and each department head is committed to making decisions based upon lessening future impacts environmentally.


At my request, the City Council allocated $75,000 for the new Mountain Rides bus barn in Bellevue to house and charge our electric bus  fleet. ( I am on the Mountain Rides Board and strongly support regional public transportation.) Mountain Rides now has 12 electric buses . That means that frequently all the buses on the road are electric. Our drivers are actually able to regenerate power and challenge each other to record greater efficiency as they clock out.


I am the chair of the Friedman Memorial Airport Authority board. The restrictions upon any FAA funded airport limit our abilities. I recently read the article regarding leaded fuel, which has been outlawed for years. I have discussed this with staff and our attorney and we are looking into solutions. Again, we are limited by FAA regulations. This affects me personally and I have ALWAYS been aware of the airport’s importance and it’s IMPACTS.


I have lived in this house in this city in this valley for almost 50 years. If you want to talk about changes, both troubling and positive, I’ve got a bunch to share. But we owe it to our pioneer families and to our children and grandchildren to do everything in our power to protect and conserve this place we love and call home. 

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