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Every year, the United States generates a jaw-dropping 35 million tons of plastic.  That's enough plastic to fill the Dallas Cowboys football stadium to the brim roughly every 16 hours.

All of that plastic takes centuries to break down. In the meantime, it ends up in our air and water, our food and our bodies -- as microplastics. 

And worse - making new plastic is also incredibly resource-intensive: 99% of all plastic is made from fossil fuels and toxic chemicals -- and by 2050, the plastics industry will generate as much greenhouse gas pollution as 615 coal-fired power plants.

We hope to help turn that trajectory around this July as we join the millions of people worldwide working to reduce their plastic waste by refusing single-use plastics and finding alternatives that we can carry into the rest of the year.


Why Plastic Free July?

 Plastic Free July was organized to help each of us pay attention to the plastics surrounding us and use this month to help us reset our acceptance level of non-essential plastics and better understand the damages that they bring to our health, our lands, waterways, and air.  

Going plastic free won't be easy but to make it a bit easier, check out the resources and ideas provided on the or our own website.  


Get Started

Whether you want to look for just a few alternatives to single-use plastics or are ready to take the bigger steps, there are some ideas and local events to inspire you.


Start with the Plastic Free July Quiz (it takes less than 5 minutes) to discover the items you use and decide what you’d like to choose to refuse.


Plastic Free July (all month!)


Take a moment to make a Plastic Free July yard sign to display in your yard or store window throughout the month of July. A sign expressing your concern and commitment can do more to grow the effort than you realize and it might even spark a conversation with your neighbors or customers.




Let's Talk Plastic

Tuesday, July 16, 10:00-11:00

Hailey Library Patio (in the shade of the trees behind the library)


Join the discussion and information session to find out more about what is happening with plastics in our area and around the world.


Sun Valley Forum 

July 15-18 at Limelight and Argyos.

Attend one or more sessions to find inspiration and information about climate action around the world and see the Big Faucet of Plastic made by students and members of CAC.

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