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Food Waste Focus Group

 “Reducing food waste would cut greenhouse gas emissions, slow the destruction of nature through land conversion and pollution, enhance the availability of food and thus reduce hunger and save money at a time of global recession”, said Inger Andersen, Executive Director of the UN Environment Program (UNEP). According to the United Nations Report, eight to ten percent of global greenhouse gas emissions are associated with unconsumed food.  


Collaborations to date:

  • Submitted State Farm Grant Proposal, June 2, 2021

  • Helped with W.A.T.E.R. Club at Kiwanis Kids Carnival, June 12, 2021


Current Collaborations:

  • Establish a “system” for the collection of compostables at future events in the valley. 

    •  Start creation of this “system” for the Trailing of the Sheep Festival this October.

  • Volunteer to pick up "food waste" for the compost digester at the Hunger Coalition facility.

  • Offer a “How to Compost in the Valley” workshop, probably this spring.

    • Check to see what’s been going on with previous compost workshops.

    • Look for additional grants to fund various aspects of compost workshops.

  • Establish tour(s)/field trips? of facilities in the valley that are involved in composting.

  • Meet with interested teachers at Alturas Elementary to see if/how CAC might be involved.


Volunteer opportunities:

  • Join us for a monthly meeting and see what might be of interest.  We meet the 1st Tuesday of the month at 9:15AM.  Email to find out more.

  • Identify valley groups (restaurants?) that promote recycling (including compost waste)

  • Identify tourable sites that demonstrate appropriate disposal of food waste.

  • Design informational brochures, posters, etc. that educate about food waste

  • Develop State Farm Neighborhood Assist Grant for June, 2022 Submission.

  • Look for additional grants to fund various aspects of compost workshops, etc.

  • Create a short video of “best practices” of reducing food waste

  • No time to offer?  Feel free to donate to our efforts.  Contact to find out more. We always need money for printing brochures, signs, events and our online presence


To Join up: Contact:

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